About Us

the ribbon reel was established in August 2010 by Keilly Mulvihill to offer a range of quality, affordable, gorgeous ribbons, twine and embellishments. 

'A few years ago, I found it difficult to find a wide range of ribbons to suit my projects and pondered over setting up my own shop.  Having a young family, I decided to put this idea on hold for a while and spend time with my children.  Now that they are both at school, I decided I had the time and energy to set up my dream shop that I had wanted for so long. 

I absolutely love ribbons and am enthusiastic about increasing our range and searching for new products to share in the shop.'

The challenge blog was set up to provide inspiration and to assist your creativity to make something original using ribbons and twine. 

I hope you'll support this new challenge blog and join in the fun!